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Working on Shittt

2015-02-19 11:06:51 by Errrmalee

Good god I can't wait to finish this more fun cartoony piece i'm working on!!! Hopefully it'll come out  as good as I want it to, I've got a tendency  to royally screw things up near the end of a piece. Haha


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2015-02-19 12:13:20

Ah. I shall look at your stuff.

I used to have a tendency to work on awesome stuff, and get burned out and finish a project shoddily. I still do sometimes. You just have to peel your face away from the screen, take breaks, and not worry about finishing the project. If you don't, you'll spend more time finetuning it. Just my tips from when I make music. :p

I also made these songs recently called 'Sol Avenger' and 'Sol Avenger Battle!'. Maybe they will help you on your quest.


2015-02-19 12:13:56

Oh. Whoops.

You don't do music. T^T Your comments deceived me! D:


2015-02-19 12:14:36

I guess my comments on the matter still apply though. :p

(Sorry for spam. I wish you could edit comments you submitted..)

Errrmalee responds:

Lol! I'm so sorry!! Next time I'll be more specific! But your comments are most definitely helpful and I'll be sure to check out your songs! This was a good misunderstanding haha :)


2015-02-19 12:25:21

I suppose it was.

Errrmalee responds:

Holy shit. Just listened to some of your work... and it was AWESOME. Can't wait to hear more from you!


2015-02-19 12:30:43

Yeeeeeeee! :D

Errrmalee responds:

Sol Avenger Battle gets me! I flippin love it!! I'm jamming out to it right now and just constantly replaying it xD


2015-02-19 12:39:00

Normally, I'd be all like "naw it's not that good', but weirdly enough.. I jammed to it for like days. T^T I'm pretty proud of the sounds that came out.

Errrmalee responds:

It would be weird if you weren't proud of such awesomeness! O.O