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Entry #2

Fan Art Woes

2015-03-11 21:10:19 by Errrmalee

I'd love to do some fan art piece but I just can't decide what to draw!! I love Kill La Kill or Cowboy Bebop, or hell even a cool actor/ actress but I just can't decide what to draw... ARGHHHH! So frustrated with my stupid brain lol 


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2015-03-11 21:17:51

Draw some teenage mutant ninja turtles.

How about that for an idea for fan art?

Errrmalee responds:

Maybe! However I've never really connected to TMNT so it might be lacking... The only thing I can think of to draw is pizza and turtles lol!


2015-03-11 21:51:54

You other ideas for something to draw?

The great thing about drawing is tbat you can create as many drawings you want.

Errrmalee responds:

True that homie!! And I was thinking maybe Samurai Champloo or some grown up power puff girls lol but again I just don't know >.<


2015-03-11 22:08:52

Draw power puff girls.

Errrmalee responds:

I'll try my hardest. Thank you!!


2015-03-12 00:32:16

Let me know when the drawing is complete.

Errrmalee responds:



2015-03-12 00:40:30

Draw something original! :D

Errrmalee responds:

I actually drew something original yesterday haha. I just haven't uploaded it yet but tbh I don't have a lot of experience drawing fan art so I wanted to try something a little new! :)


2015-03-12 16:49:19

Will you be uploading your power puff girls drawing?

Errrmalee responds:

Yea! I'll upload it as soon as it's done but it might be a week or two before I can. Between school and work I've had very little time to draw but hopefully I'll get it done haha!


2016-07-17 18:34:27

Would totally be awesome if you did cowboy bebop crew, but trigun or outlaw star be great too!